Historically, plant maintenance has relied on experience based systems and the skills of the artisan. This concept is still utilized extensively throughout the process industries. The rapid development of high technology, complex processes. Sophisticated installation and huge investments has necessitated major changes in maintenance philosophy and the application of computerized system employing knowledge-based programmes.

The change to high-technology maintenance cannot be achieved rapidly but requires careful interfacing to embrace modern concepts. It involves the replacement of the traditional repairman with engineers and highly trained technicians.

It requires a management philosophy, acknowledging knowledge-based maintenance, than other is economically beneficial and is structured around the following principles:

  • Maintenance staffing is minimum
  • Only highly skilled technicians and engineers are employed
  • Maintenance strictly is condition-based, not hours-based
  • There is a high level of technical support
  • The ratio of planning effort to execution effort is substantially higher
  • Technicians work individually and independently to the extent possible
  • Technicians are provided with a full range of technology in the form of tools, testing equipment, technical data and information
  • Structured management systems that are supportive of the technicians
  • Ready availability of information’s both technical and situation (plant status)
  • The main principals governing maintenance management are:
    • Technical support (focuses on the equipment being maintained)
    • Work control (focuses on the technicians doing the work)
    • Material control (focuses on the materials and spare parts used in the work)
    • Financial control (includes budgeting and cost reporting)
    • Performance indicators (keep check on how well maintenance is being carried out)
    • This briefly illustrates the main criteria for maintenance that is currently evolving in high-technology installations, and of which CANTEK has embraced in its involvement in Canada process industry.

The need to integrate with traditional methods is an obvious necessity and is the basis of CANTEK particular expertise in combining the benefits of accepted and applied maintenance with the essential elements of computer technology. Thus, a client is able to harmonize modern technology with the skills of artisan employees resulting in higher degree of technical awareness and producing cost-effective maintenance.

Can approach to maintenance is governed by its professionalism which aims to provide a totally integrated technology based system, with highly skilled personnel and which is fully cost-effective.

A client, whatever are its requirement, has access to the full potential of CANTEK, who will provide the appropriate personnel or a fully surveyed and integrated maintenance system, tailored to suite specific installations.

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