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The growth in size, and complexity of project executed has stimulated the development of sophisticated project management techniques to ensure efficient management for project execution.

CANTEK has sustained its party with the latest techniques such that prospective clients receive the most up-to-date management facilities during project execution. Operationally and immediately upon contract award CANTEK would establish a project team, which is essentially a highly specialized and skilled task force. The typical composition of such a team is illustrated on the attached project manager.

The project manager would be directly responsible to the client and the board of CANTEK for all work concerned with the project including engineering, procurement and construction. He would also be entirely responsible for the overall planning, organisation and control strategies of the project, and would direct co-ordination between the client and CANTEK management, on CANTEK’ behalf, would be made by the project manager on major matters on a day-to-day basis.

The essential function of the project management team would be to efficiently direct and monitor the performance of the supporting team and field organisation. They would be exclusively concerned with the successful performance and achievement of the relevant project services in accordance with the client’s project requirements.

Process design activities would be carried out in Canada / & or Romania where all facilities including computer networks are available.

CANTEK would appoint a senior process engineer to be responsible for overall design and establishment of design philosophy. He would be exclusively assigned to the project and ensure that design work would be completed in accordance with the agreed schedule.

An engineering co-ordinator would be appointed to undertake the co-ordination and detail management of all engineering works, and engineering co-ordinator would be supported by the project engineers and specially engineers.

A design and draughting co-ordinator would be assigned to the project team to maintain co-ordination between specialists and draughting groups for all draughting activities including computer aided draughting.

CANTEK computer network is fully utilized in the filed of process engineering, process simulation, mechanical design, cost estimation and control, draughting, of which typical examples are as follows:

  • General Process Simulation.
  • Predication of Physical and Chemical Properties.
  • Vapour Liquid Equilibrium of Hydrocarbons.
  • Fractionation and Absorption.
  • Tray Dynamics.
  • Fried heater Design and Heat Calculation.
  • Heat Exchanger Design, Heat transfer and Mechanical Design.
  • Vessel Design.
  • System Flow Dynamics.
  • Piping Flexibility.
  • Structure Design.
  • Foundation Design.
  • Steel Stack Design.
  • PERT Analysis.

CANTEK purchasing services are executed by the Procurement Department in the following categories:

  1. Bulk material.
  2. Equipments.
  3. Imported materials.

Purchasing under each of the categories of equipment and materials are supervised by experienced buyers.

At the commencement of a project, a procurement manager would be assigned for the duration of the project. The procurement manager would co-ordinate all procurement activities including domestic and overseas procurement expediting, within CANTEK organisation, of the material requisitions and specifications in accordance with the schedule dates. The procurement manager has direct access to all members of the project team and is personally responable for ensuring the even flow of documentation.

CANTEK preliminary field organisation for supervising the construction work is indicated on the attached chart. This organisation is essentially an extension of CANTEK project team task force concept of overall organisation.

Through CANTEK considerable experience, strong field organisation is essential in order to derive maximum efficiency, productivity and quality at all levels of field operations, producing minimum construction cost and timely completion. The execution of the construction work would be directed by a qualified and experienced field resident manager, who would be directly responsible to the project manager, for all works at the site and for all liaison with the client’s field representative.

The field resident manager assigned to the project would have extensive experience in construction management particularly oil and gas related. He would be supported by a comprehensive field organisation staff of both technical and administrative categories, all of whom would have considerable experience in working in oil and gas industries.

Prior to the actual commencement of construction operations, the field resident manager and key members of his field staff would have become thoroughly conversant with the project requirements and would be familiar with the engineering and procurement status of the job to ensure that the pre-planning of the construction phases of the work in the home and field engineering offices are fully utilized during construction.

Such as CANTEK project philosophy briefly described but which clearly demonstrates the criteria and objectives by which the requirements of any client are fully adhered to. This philosophy is applied rigidly and professionally whatever the size of project.

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