In House Facilities

CANTEK makes extensive use of computerized applications in all its undertakings. A full range of the latest computer aided design facilities are available to CANTEK engineers and design staff. This ensures that all projects unsertaken b y CAN are supported by the very latest in computer software and technology.

Supporting the total management of a project, CANTEK computer applications include project planning and cost control, procurement and materials control, project economics and analysis, financial management and all technologies.

COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN (CAD) techniques are utilized by CANTEK in all its design activities, together with computer simulation, provide a detailed and comprehensive visual Representation accurately recorded and reproduced graphically in whatever format is required. In areas of maintenance and construction management / supervision, use of computerized system, eg. Artemis provides an accurate and detailed representation of a project in “Activity” format, which enables and ensures that the very latest information concerning the project is always immediately available.

The integrity of any project is therefore continually monitored enabling corrective actions to be taken before distortion of the project programme is incurred.

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