The obvious need to protect high-investment installations was the motivating philosophy of CANTEK, who established their organisation to provide maintenance and engineering service, backed by the latest technology, aimed initially at the Canada process industry.

In industries and installations employing high levels of advanced technology equipment and processes, continuous efficient operation is paramount. Notwithstanding the essential need of customer service, defective or inefficient plant can induce safety hazards, incur lengthy and costly shutdowns affect product quality and have and adverse effect on personnel morale.

It is essential therefore, to ensure plant operations are smooth running, perform at optimum efficiency and embrace high standards of safety and environment considerations, CANTEK methods and quality of service are design to ensure the Client’s interest are fully protected and plant maintained at design standards thereby enabling maximum utilization of investment and fulfillment of customer requirements. The philosophy and standards attained by CANTEK has been firmly established within the Canada process industry and resulted in the obvious transfer to overseas environments where accesses to high technology skills are perhaps limited but where investment is very high.

It is a part of CANTEK business philosophy to quickly embrace local interest and to ensure that training of transfer of know-how to nationals is carried out speedily and efficiently to maximize local involvement and promote local interest.

Co-operation and integration in high-technology environment promotes interest and dedication, beneficial to any Client.

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